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|v99.13.1| Bizarro Trainer Gratis (1 Mes) Aprovechen.


|v99.13.1| Bizarro Trainer Gratis (1 Mes) Aprovechen.


|v99.13.1| Bizarro Trainer Gratis (1 Mes) Aprovechen.


|v99.13.1| Bizarro Trainer Gratis (1 Mes) Aprovechen.


|v99.13.1| Bizarro Trainer Gratis (1 Mes) Aprovechen.


|v99.13.1| Bizarro Trainer Gratis (1 Mes) Aprovechen.

|v99.13.1| Bizarro Trainer Gratis (1 Mes) Aprovechen.


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Vista previa del Trainer

Bizarro Trainer es el mejor Trainer que existe actualmente, Es VIP de w8, Es decir se debe pagar una buena suma de dinero para tenerlo, Pero han decidido, Colocarlo hoy gratuitamente..

=====99.6[1 year anniversary edition]======


[+] Added Full SpawnBot and SpawnVac 2.0

[+] Added F9 - MapLock -> rushback + respawn xy

[+] Added F10 - Auto Inventory sell + Pot rebuy

[+] Added F11 Smart Restarter


[+] Added Auto StarRecharge

[+] Added Unlimited MiniDungeons

[+] Added Fall through wall

[+] Added Support to all new pot NPCs and miniDungoens rushing.

[+] Added Nova and 8th character autologin support

[+] Added Safe botting godmode 2 (for spawnbot)

[!] Fixed Godmode bug with restarter

[!] SpeedUp is now savable

[!] F4 Kami Loot no longer has 2 free slot restriction. you can set up f10 for autosell/rebuy.

[!] Patched error 5 pop ups

[!] Improved PG stability

[!] Lowered cpu a bit more with CPU reduce hack

No sabes como se usa? Como inyectarlo?, Pues entra a mi Guia, Aqui

Entiendes Ingles? Aca una super guia en Ingles (La puedes traducir con el Traductor de Google), Completa:
Table of Content

1.Getting Started
2.A Look At BT
3.Auto CC
4.Auto Attack
5.Auto Pot
6.Auto Bot
7.Auto Filter
11.PG hack
12.Advance Tips/Tricks
13.Auto Repot/Sell
14.Map Lock
15.Auto Restart
16.Botting Spots

1.Getting Started

Once you purchase BT and have received your license, you're ready to start.
When you first download BT, create a BT folder(Preferably on your desktop) and extract all the files into it. For Vista and windows 7 users, run the BT.exe as administrator.

Once you open BT, click on the System ID image on the top right, it should look like this
Then when the new window/tab opens that looks like this:

All you need to do is copy and paste your license ID and password(can be obtained by clicking VIP INFO at the top bar) into the correct box. REMEMBER, once you log onto maple your BT timer will start and attach to your Nexon ID. Your Nexon ID can only be changed every 2 hours by clicking on RESET ALL.

Make you go into Auto Login and choose your maplestory path by clicking the white box in the bottem left.

The default path should be C:\Nexon\MapleStory\MapleStory.exe

2.A Look At BT

I'm pretty sure you already know what the labeled stuff are. So lets look at the functions of the non-labeled things with a brief description.

1.Brush- Map rusher that rushes to other maps, and teleports you to different city.
2.Auto AP- Automatically puts in your AP points when you level up .
3.Legit Bot- Legit bot, a bot which "legitly" trains you using commands, and "no hacks"(dll required to use this).
4.PG hack- Hacks using no delay teleport mastery(just like PG hack).
5."More Tab"- Where all the main hacks are, and other miscellaneous things.
6.Auto Save- Automatically saves your BT settings to your profile.

3.Auto CC

The right way and safe way to set up auto cc.

Red Dots >[ON] 0
Attack Limit[ON/OFF] 40(for PG) or 99
Timed CC[ON] 55
Timed DC[OFF]
Timed Shop[ON/OFF] 55

Random Channel[ON]
Channel 1~13 or 1~19 (Depends on how many channels your server has)

NOTE: For crowded spots you want to use TIMED SHOP instead of Auto CC. Hot Spots will make you go into cc war every time you cc. So therefore to get into less cc wars which helps prevent d/c, you can use TIMED SHOP. This wont make you never go into CC wars, but will get you into less.

You can also put the Time CC or SHOP a higher number if you're NOT using PG hacks, mmc, gravity vac, any NON-safe godmodes, or Full Map Attack.

4.Auto Attack

Your settings really depend on your type of character. Everyone should know how to set this up themselves.

To find out where to place your skills, you click on the keyboard in the top right.

Clicking that will make this pop up:

It's pretty straight forward, I think 50ms delay for auto attack is fine. You can put it higher if it isn't attacking consistently.

5.Auto Pot

This varies on your class, but they're some overall tips.

Key placements:

Depending on your pots, set them at the right value(the actual value, not percent)and tick the box on. Its Very simple and easy. Relatively, you should set them a high point to be safe. The Delay preferably should be mid way. Make sure you use the Big Pots, the small pots tend to spam.
NOTE:Putting Delay at 10ms will end up spamming pots when you reach below the set value.

For pet food, you put the pet food on delete. DO NOT put the < Fullness at its default of 50. IT WILL NOT WORK. You can change it to whatever you please(above 20 at least).
Infinite pet revive will cancel if you d/c and auto restart. The pet won't come back out, so it's prefer to use pet food.

6.Auto Bot

Also known as kami. Not much to change here.

You should always keep CC after disable ON
The auto loot makes you teleport to each item and loot(Must have auto loot on{Located in auto bot} every x ms).
If you choose to loot with this, just set how many items until you your character loots all the items. Just put the number in the box and tick the check box.
NOTE:Kami loot has known to auto ban people, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

7.Auto Filter

A very useful tool to filter out items AND mobs.

Item filter and Mob filter:
When you click the open file icon you will have a list of all the items/mobs. You can EITHER BLACK list or WHITE list the items you selected. You can select items by removing the semi colon in front of them. White list will filter everything but the selected item(s). Black list will filter the selected item(s).

If you choose not to use the FILTER LIST then you can just tick any of the other self explanatory filter options.

NOTE:You CAN NOT filter using the item list AND any of the other options. You choose using item list or the other(s).


The new spawnvac which vacs monsters!

From the original thread:

Spawn Bot with Spawn Vac 2.0 - Jump/walk

> Open BT.
> Turn OFF Unlimited Attack
> Open F5 SpawnBot -> setting
> Use Loot @ 10 items/attks for better stability.
> Select spawn vac 2.0
> Set up SpawnBot Range setting inside F5
> Turn on F5

>> if F9 is not already on, BT will auto turn on F9 with your current map and xy. vac will be based on where you stand and right range setting..
>> if F9 is already set up before F5 is on, Spawn vac will be based on the map and xy inside F9 with the range setting you provided.

>> plz carefully set up the spawn bot position (prefer bottom platform , middle)
>> walk mobs has a y range of 300 while other types can be full map. so choose your map wisely.

Spawn Bot with Customized Vac (MMC/gravity) fly/jump mobs

similar step as above.
except choose customized vac.
turn on F5,
then tick MMC/gravity vac inside More setting


What makes BT more epic.

Fly Vac(MMC)- Makes all flying monster fly to your coordinates. You can set the coordinates they go to by pressing Ctrl+Q and clicking the location. You can ALSO use this for NON-Flying mobs. It will just make them try to go to the spot. This will help mob them up for faster killing.
Gravity Vac- This only works for monsters that jump. Gravity vac makes them all jump off there plats to go the the bottom and mob up. Just go to the lowest spot and set your coordinates by pressing Ctrl+Q and clicking the location.DO NOT use this on flying monsters.
Pet IV- Pet Item Vac makes your pet loot all the items. You must have a pet with item pouch and/or meso magnet.Tick one of the boxes to filter those out.
UA- Unlimited attack allows you to stand in the same spot and keep attacking and bypass the 99 attack limit per spot.
Full Map Attack(FMA)- Allows you to attack all the monster on the map from one position. ONLY can be used with the skills Band of Thieves(CB) and Chain Lightning(I/L Mage)
Map Speed- The drop box in the top left corner can change the speed of PG. Speed +2 is recommended if you're computer can handle it. Speed +3 is amazing but tends to d/c a lot.
Cpu Reduce- Disables certain things to make your BT use less usage.
Map Fly- Fly hack, toggle on/off by ticking and unticking.
Unlimited Siege- Unlimited Siege Mode, lets you unlimitely use the skill.
HotKey Disable- Disables hotkey(helpful for when using more then 1 BT).


What are boats and trains?

This allows you to rush to any map that you can achieve with portals.
City Teleport allows you to select any city in the drop box and teleports you there! If you try using this and end up in a weird hidden street, just click on the NPC in the middle and click which town you want to go to.

11.PG hack

No delay PG hack = r@pe

You need at least 1 point into teleport mastery(Level 70) for Mages/Priest/BaM.
You need at least 1 point into Giant Robot(Level 120) for Mechanics.
Just click the class you're using and it will have no delay.
As of now, ICY has to be used with a mosnter you captured.
NOTE: BaM PG 120+ A/B's if used at a normal map, only use it at zak/czak/HT/PB

12.Advance Tips/Tricks

PG Hacking
When using PG hack on a mage turn on teleport mastery. Make your right 0, left 0, bottom 10, and top depends on the height of the monster(you'll get good at guesstimating the height). You do not need to use the Full Godmode/Godmode 2. Just have Some pots and set the < Value high for auto pot. For non BaM's, you should use Magic Guard. To be safe put your CC/SHOP time less then 60 seconds. Just use it with Kami and all the other Sha Bang. Using Map speed depends on your computer.
Map Speed +1-I'm pretty sure anyone can run this
Map Speed +2(recommended)-Must have a decent computer
Map Speed +3- Computer must be a little above average, BUT I don't care if you have a $4,000 computer. You will still crash with map speed +3 sometimes.
You can try using Damage Filter and Offline Botting to reduce the lag.

Full Map Attack
This can only be done with a Chief Bandit that has Band of Thieves and a I/L Mage with Chain Lightning. MAKE SURE you use godmode. You constantly get hit so keep F6 godmode on. You still need to use Kami with this, just put it at right 0, left 0, bottom 10, top 200. This is a HUGE pot killer, so make sure you're using a lot of pots. To set up, just turn it on with F6 godmode, cc/cs under 60 seconds, auto pot, and kami. Very simple. Also, I find this very unstable and it d/c's me a lot, but that might just be me.

Mouse Mob Control is one the best vacs ever(for flying mobs). When using this with flying mobs you just turn it on with all your other stuff and you press CTRL+Q and set where you want them to fly. When you enter a map with flying monsters, cc, so that you will know where you spawn when you cc, and then set it up in front of you.

When you using MMC for non-flying monsters, just click the middle of the map or something. It will still make them group up, the mob will try to get as close to the set point as possible. A helpful tip is, use ATT ONLY MOBS > for this. It will increase your killing rate by not going off and kami that one lonely monster.

Gravity Vac
This only works with mobs that jump. You need to set this at the lowest platform in the map. Turn it on(with all your other stuff too) and press CTRL+Q and click the destination you want them to go to. YOU WILL GET HIT A LOT EVEN WITH GODMODE, this will burn pots like CRAZY. I find this unstable and tends to d/c a lot. Make sure when you're using this, your cc/cs is less thea 60 seconds.

13.Auto Repot/Sell

Makes you last longer!

Auto Repot by setting the number of pots to refill too. When your monitored pots are under 20, it will automatically repot for you. Just tick it, and it will turn on when you tick/ press F10
AUto sell by setting ticking the boxes of the type of items you want to sell. It will sell once that section of your inventory is full, make sure you filter what needs to be filter. To add custom things to not sell, click on the Folder icon () and add any items WITHOUT the ";" Follow the instructions on the notepad which should be by deafult

;; ===============BT No sell list============
;;How to use:
;;any Item ID listed here will not be auto sold by BT
;;Please obtain any desirable Item ID from filter.txt which contains all the ID and item names.
;;same format, anything with ; will be ignored
;;xxxxx coment - xxxxx is the item id, followed by a space. item ID xxxx will be filtered, anything followed is comment
;;make sure you save any changes to this file and you tick [Custom List] after to activate.

1003112 [Chaos Zakum Helmet]

14.Map Lock

Automatically puts you back into your map if you change map, this is mainly for botting in mini dugeons.

Just enable it and it will rush you back when needed, you can set the XY coordinates it moves you back to. Turn it on if you need it.

15.Auto Restart

This automatically restarts your maple when you d/c,making you bot as long as possible.

Just tick it to turn it on, you can choose more options to what happens when it restarts, I would prefer to keep those both unticked. It restarts with the settings you have saved to your profile, so make sure you save everytime you set/change your settings.

16.Botting Spots

Level 22-30
Crows(flying Mob)
level 30-40
Crows(flying mob),skeledog, Jr. Sentinel, Jr. Cellion
level 40-45
Paper Latern Ghost, Jr.Pepe
Level 45-50
Truckers,Brown Teddy, Pepe
level 50-60
Truckers,Brown Teddy, Pepe, Training Bellflowers, Propelly(flying mob)
level 60-65
Water Goblin, Tweeter(flying mob),Mateon
level 65-70
Mateon, Scuba Pepe, Desert Rabbit
level 70-75
Chronos, ear plug heads
level 75-80
Meercat, Sand Rat
level 80-90
Tippo Blue/red
level 90-95
Tippo Blue/Red, Selkie Jr.(Ghost Ship), Slimy(Ghost ship)
level 95-100
Soul Teddies, Mr Anchor
level 100-105
Hobi, Dark Rash
Level 106-110
Hankie, Dark Rash
level 110-115
Death Teddies
level 115-120
Death Teddies, Kentaurus
level 120-125
Phantom Watches
level 125-130
Phantom Watches, Red Dragon Turtles
level 130-135
Rexton, Lycanthrope, Red Dragon turtles
level 135-140
Green Cornian, Wyverns
Level 140-145
Dark Cornian, Time Temple
Level 145+
Time Temple

Videos en Ingles de como configurarlo:

Licensia Gratis:
ID:w8 babypublic
(El ID Es todo seguido, Le quitan el Espacio, Que hay entre w8 y Baby, Ya que no deja ponerlo completo, Y salen ****)
Pass: freebt08

Bizarro - Creador del Trainer - Hacerlo Gratis 1 dia


Guia como usar el BT
Dom 24 Jul - 11:34     editar


@Leyenda escribió:Volver al lethargy y cerrar este tema.. ;/
T_T q weba se parcho y donde pillamos al LT ..¡¡ T_T jajaja y apenas subi de 107 a 108 en 1 hora =/
Vie 5 Ago - 4:51     editar


bueno a mi el hacker me funciono a mill pero saben donde puedo conseguir este hacker ??? para poder comprarlo pero que sea del mismo autor que hizo el BT espero informacion de esto y muchas gracias por pasarnos el hacker pero lastima la licencia a expirado T_Y
Vie 5 Ago - 6:03     editar


Haber si me das un nuevo user y una nueva pass que ya la licencia expiro

PDT: La licencia no era de un mes? :S
Vie 5 Ago - 6:43     editar


este hacker era solo por un dia y no por un mes.. pero bueno ya expiro

Tema cerrado
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