Como el titulo lo dice el nuevo ebolaze

es la primera vez que publico un hack , espero les pueda ayudar.

Guia para hacerlo funcionar

1.- descargar el hack y el bypass q se encuentra mas abajo.
2.- decomprimir el bypass y copiarlo en la carpeta del maple.
3.- crear una carpeta dentro con el nombre de Inject en donde se encuentra tu maple.
4.- copiar el ebolaze.dll dentro la carpeta, la q creaste.
5.- abrir el game launcher del maple poner play .
6.- automatico el hack aparecere a un lado de la ventana del maple.
7.- activar los hack q desees . ojo algunos banean-- tengan cuidado.

lo que tiene el hack:

Multiple Profiles:
Ability to name, save, and load individual setting profiles for all of your different accounts. Will contain the settings you set for all the hacks included in our trainer when saved.

Auto Login:
Will log back on to the character on the specified account when disconnected automatically.

Auto Change Channels (CC):
Automatically change to a new channel when X amount of people are present on the map or after a certain amount of time, set in milliseconds.

Auto HP/MP/Feed:
Automatically use a potion or pet food when the corresponding value is below the set number. Key bindings are located next to each setting.

Auto Attack:
Presses the ctrl key automatically, value is delay time in milliseconds. Monster Count Check (MCC) enabled will stop the auto attack if no mobs are present.

Insert, home, delete, end, and 0 through 9 are all available for hotkeys, delays are set in milliseconds.

Flat Map Bot:
Locates and walks your character towards the closest monster, attacks, repeats. Best used on maps with only 1 platform of monsters.

Full God Mode:
No damage from physical nor magical attacks. Some other damage factors may still hurt you (map damage, fall damage, falling objects, et cetera)

58 Second God Mode:
Will cause your character to become invincible to damage after an attack for 58 seconds.

Air Check:
Bypasses the need for certain skills to be casted while standing on the ground.

Unlimited Attack:
Removes the need to move your character after 100 attacks in the same spot.

No Delay Flash Jump (FJ):
Allows you to use flash jump based skills unlimited times in the air, with very little cool down. Not all flash jumps work.

Reduces the amount of delay between various tasks performed in game, such as picking up items or entering portals. Has a chance for autoban, use at your own risk.

Instant Air Loot:
Currently not up-to-date in the trainer.
Allows items to be picked up mid-air.

No Codex Crusader:
Removes the annoying blue box pop-ups after certain character level-ups.

Full Mob Disarm:
Completely removes the ability for monsters to cast skills.

Monsters will ignore ledges and walk off them if walking towards one. Will disconnect over time.

Freeze Mobs:
Causes monsters to freeze or appear to "lag." Will not fully work with other players present on the map.

Causes monsters on the map to walk towards you. Will not fully work with other players present on the map.

Full Map Loot (FML):
Allows you to loot items from across the map. Will disconnect frequently.

CPU Hack:
Reduces strain on your processor by removing the loading of the background, layered images, platforms, damage numbers, and ability animations.

No Magnus Balls (AKA No Raining Objects):
Removes objects that rain from the sky, such as the orbs in Magnus' boss fight.

A long acronym that basically means Orbital Flame for Blaze Wizards will attack the whole map. Also items from those kills will drop directly from your character location.

Pet Loot:
Teleports your pet to items for looting. Must have a pet for obvious reasons. Will disconnect if looting an ungodly amount of items in a row.

x3 No Delay:
Causes a burst of attacks in threes to have no delay, followed by a normal attack. Not all skills will work. Will cause disconnection with use.

Portal Kami:
Teleports your character between a monster and a portal and attacks with ctrl key. Maps need a portal in order to use this. Some classes and maps are less stable than others with this hack.

Portal Loot:
Like portal kami, but teleports to items instead of monsters and spams Z instead of ctrl.

Portal Master:
When enabled, left and right arrow keys will teleport you between various portals on the map.

Portal Fly:
Click. Fly. Repeat.

Portal Tele:
Use to teleport your character to a specific X and Y coordinate. Can save positions by character location or by manually inputting them.

Item Filter:
Fairly straight forward. The meso value is the minimum value of meso that will get through the filter. The item list will either show (accept) or be blocked (reject). Use search on the right-hand side to find items based on name.

No Char Knock Back (KB):
Causes your character to not be pushed back when taking damage, like having 100% stance. Will hinder your ability to Flash Jump.

Slide and Attack:
Allows most skills to be used while walking.

Jump Down Anywhere (JDA):
Enabling will let you jump down (Down arrow + jump) through just about nay platform, including the main one. Jumping below the map frequently will cause disconnections.

Demon Slayer (DS) Instant Final Attack (FA):
Skips the first couple of stages of normal attacks performed by Demon Slayers and will always use the last and most powerful attack.

Mob Suck Left/Right:
Pulls the mobs in the left or right direction faster than their walking speed. Will typically disconnect.

Damage Reflect:
Has no purpose. Really need to remove from trainer GUI.

Random Hardware Identification (HWID):
Page for HWID definition. This will randomize that. Some believe Nexon bases chain bans off HWIDs.

No Fade:
Removes the 'fade to black' animation that happens between maps when entering a portal.

Spawn Point Control:
Forces your character to spawn at the set X and Y coordinates when enabled. Can and will teleport you off the bottom of the map if set incorrectly.

Resolution Changer:
Forces Maplestory into any resolution. Requires a map reload to activate or deactivate.

descarga del hack:

[b]descarga del bypass:

virus scam:

virus scam

a quienes no les funcione la opcion automatica, lo pueden injectar con algun injector en mi caso uso el gadget.

cuiquier duda gustoso respondere. Cute

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pero como se usa lo injecto y pasa nada O_O explica plzz Bawl Bawl Bawl Bawl
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un video de como se usa porfavor
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Dr. R

Aqui te dejo un video...

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primero comenso a salir NGS deteccion de hack y despues me sale error run time
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habra q probarlo
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@CROUNDEN escribió:pero me adviertes que ?? , me banearas por subir un hack , ?? como repito no soy posteador

No Es Eso Padre Si No Que Se Debe Especificar Mejor El Modo De Uso Para Que No Sea Un Copy Paste Eso Fue Lo Que Quiso Decir La Angelitaa Bella
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sirev este hack? y que posibilidades de ban hay en este?
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viene con un by pass, lo e usado en mis cuentas main , y no me han baneado, pero el q esta publicado ya no funciona ahora es la version 2.9.3
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yo creo que como dice CROUNDEN es cierto.. no hay que advertir nada. pienso que cada pagina tiene sus secciones! y esta no es la excepción, tiene su apartado de TUTORIALES. aunque tambien pienso que no esta demas el video, pero no veo el porque de la exigencia.
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@yulbrin0713 escribió:

yo creo que como dice CROUNDEN es cierto.. no hay que advertir nada. pienso que cada pagina tiene sus secciones! y esta no es la excepción, tiene su apartado de TUTORIALES. aunque tambien pienso que no esta demas el video, pero no veo el porque de la exigencia.

mmmm es facil hacer un copy past de otra pagina y no dar muchas explicaciones del uso del hack , los pocos user q entran saben como activar el hack pero hay algunos por decir nuevos q no saben activar hack ni como usarlos , es por eso q deben postear un hack :
1.- video
2._ intrucciones para activar y como usarlo
3.- dar una breve explicacion de su contenido y si ya hicieron la prueba.

no solo piensen en los viciosos q saben todo .... tengan en cuenta q hay nuevos usuarios, ayudenlos.
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Angelita , prometo q no posteare nada Cute
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tranqui amigo postea , ye agradesco por postear , solo ayuda a aquellos q no saben usar hack plissssss .

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Buenas esto aun funciona o no?
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