1: Which class does not use the MP system and wants revenge for his family?
A: Demon

2: What NPC in the Nautilus comes out as a main character in the party quest?
A: Tangyoon

3: What job is included in all classes?
A: Warrior

4: Which class can equip hearts as equipment?
A: Xenon

5: Which one of the 5 heroes, along with Afrien, fought the Black Mage?
A: Freud

6: Who Asked Mercedes to eliminate 10 Ancient Slimes?
A: Danika

7: What's the name of the ship that the hero phantom lives on?
A: Lumiere

8: Who created pink zak?
A: OS4

9: What pattern decorates the red mushrooms growing above the Henesy's Maple TV?
A: Heart

10: What weapon set is named after a Norse dragon?
A: Fafnir

11: What year did Global MapleStory start its services?
A: 2005

12: Name the mesoranger who finds doing daily mission tiring.
A: Hoony

13: Old hero that fought Balrog?
A: Tristan

14: Which member of the Nautilus escaped with the Cannoneer from the island?
A: Cutter

15: What word is spelled out using the first letter of each hero?

16: What is the Flower in Big Headward's hair?
A: Rose

17: Which tower do you pass through to enter the korean folk town?
A: Helios

18: What is drawn on Bonjasky's Barrel?
A: Skull

19: What five items did luminous use to seal black mage?
A: Seal

20: The material for Nero's necklace can be bought in the ____ shop.
A: "Cash " (with a space at the end)

21: What was given to Claudine by Xenon?
A: Dagger

22: What is the name of the animal next to Cygnus in Ereve?
A: Shinsoo

23: In which hand do Magnus and Arkarium hold their weapons in the RED Intro Animation?
A: Left

24: Who knows how to make the Killer Mushroom Spore needed to rescue Princess Violetta from King Pepe?
A: scarrs

25: Blake's producer is Lana, Lana is the CEO of Big Hit ________
A: Records

26: What town has eggs and eggshells all around the town?
A: Leafre

27: What level is needed to move on to 4th Job Advancement prior to the Tempest patch?
A: 120

28: Which boss do you need to beat to complete the quest "For the peace of Victoria Island?"
A: Astaroth

29: What is Phantom's greatest treasure?
A: Aria

30: What is the Pie Boss NPC's given name?
A: Tiara

31: What is the given name of the Cake Boss?
A: Daniel

32: Who is the pharmacist who sometimes turns her head all the way around to look at you?
A: Misky

33: What was the name of the set of updates during which voiceovers were first added to maplestory?
A: Chaos

34: What's the name of the family that the haunted mansion in Masteria is named after?
A: Prendergast

35: Who hasn't Spiegelmann been shown to be involved with?
A: Pink Bean

36: What is the Dark Lord's given name?
A: Jin

37: What is the name of Michaela's pet goat?
A: Xerxes

38: Who is Von Leon's wife?
A: Ifia

39: When cygnus knights were released what level explorer did you have to have in order to create one?
A: Twenty

40: What is the black witch's name?
A: Eleanor

41: Which boss quest line involves you playing music to soothe its spirit?
A: Eliza

42: What is the famed gem associated with the Empress of Ereve?
A: Skaia

43: Which NPC is sporting goggles in San Commerci?
A: Balika

44: Who is Manji and Ilji's brother?
A: Chun ji

45: What do bowman need to have equipped to damage Amdusias?
A: Solomon's Bow

46: Which Monster Familiar is recommended to players to help you sabe mesos on MP potions, even from a low level?
A: Jr. Boogie

47: What is the full name of the Transcendence of Life from Grandis?
A: Gerald Darmoor

48: From which period of Japanese history do Kanna and Hayato hail?
A: Sengoku

49: Who is the self-proclaimed master of mini-games?
A: Casey

50: The release of which job/class introduced the story of the black mage?
A: Pirate (?)

51: Which NPC should you talk to regarding the guild party quest?
A: Shuang

52: True or False: The Alex hairstyle was originally a Royal style.
A: True

53: Who is the queen that is a phony fairy?
A: Areda

54: What was the first official dungeon in Global Maplestory to be labeled as a Theme Dungeon?
A: Mushroom Castle

55: What Legendary hero set a trap for the black mage that eventually lead to him being sealed?
A: Freud

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ayuda con esta pregunta : who hasn't spiegelmann been shown to be involved with?zakum,hortail,von leon,pig bean
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ok si respondo las 50 k gano?
alguien sabe?
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estas son todas las preguntas??... si no me equivoco creo que falta 1
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amigos por que mno leen un poco si ahi esta todas las preguntas nuevas... TENSOR TU PREGUNTA ..ESTA ES LA RESPUESTA... Prendergast AHI ESTA TODO LEAN UN POCO Y ENCONTRARAN  What 
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@adrianaxz escribió:ayuda con esta pregunta : who hasn't spiegelmann been shown to be involved with?zakum,hortail,von leon,pig bean

La respuesta es:
Pink Bean

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whats the fame gem that is associated with the empress of ereve=
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amigos alguien save como llegar a comeerci republic??
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