Que hay amigos, aqui les traigo el Angel Processor con datos! :D

Creditos: FlyingAngel @ Gamersoul.com


Creditos por el video a Po3tics
Video de como inyectarlo:

Basicamente para resumir lo que hace el Angel Processor, con este hack(bot) podras tener:
•GND (Generic No Delay) + No MP  <------- Esto funciona para los ataques que son melee, osea con los magos no podran, los ataques melee no usara MP Cute 
•No Nockback<--------Esto es para que cuando te ataquen tu character no brinque hacia atras
•Mob control (Hace que los Mobs te persigan)
•Auto Login
•Auto HP & MP
•Auto CC <----------esta opcion no estoy seguro de si funciona
•Pet Feeder (da comida al pet)
•Puedes editar scripts y tambien inyectarlos
•Map Rusher (para poder teletransportarte a otras ciudades) <--------cuando lo utilicen esperan unos segundos y se teletransportara
•Entre muchas otras cosas.

P.D.:Se recomienda usarlo en Bosses como Magnus, Dojo, Zakum,etc etc.


No nockback
No se vera el daño cuando te ataquen.

Privacy Guard
En resumen esto es para prevenir que Nexon acceda a los procesos de tu computadora, y asi no pueda detectar si hay algun hack.

Si te da mucho DC sigue lo siguiente. Descarga ESTO he inyectalo en maplostory sin el AngelProcesor. Esto tambien sucede si usas una PC lenta.

[COMPILATION] Angel Processor Scripts

FAQ (Preguntas frecuentes):
Q. I crash when I inject your bot at the Ad screen. What should I do?
A. Sometimes the injection doesn't complete properly and can cause crashes. Other times it's because the anti-detection program I wrote is incompatible with your system. If this is an actual issue and not failure to follow instructions, I will investigate it more.

Q. When I type a command into the chat bar, I get the invalid command message.
A. Perhaps a script has crashed without you knowing. Simply go to the Scripting tab, right click the script that has the command and click Reload Script.

Q. How can I find all the commands I can use?
A. You type !commands into the in game chat bar.

Q. What can I use the Full Map Attack function with?
A. You can only use it with Chain Lightning (I/L Mage), Reflection (Luminous), and Blaze (Evan). Other skills will simply cause you to disconnect.

Q. I keep disconnecting. What should I do?
A. You can post here with your operating system and exactly what you were doing before you disconnected. I will try to see what I can do. The main problem is I'm not getting any disconnections on my computer so I have no idea what is causing you to disconnect.


- Fixed Map Rusher

- Fixed city teleport
- Fixed auto login

- Updated
- City teleport is patched so it has been disabled, currently looking at alternatives
- Bugs I don't have time to fix right now see below

- Updated
- Added FMA back

- Updated To v141.2.0
- No knockback on godmode
- Sex

- Added Privacy Guard v1.0
- Fixed launcher. If Maple is already opened at the loading screen, it will inject instead of launching.

- Updated for v141.1
- Launcher now automatically start Maple for you. (Please close MapleStory.exe before starting)
- A lot of stuff has changed in MapleStory and so I'm not sure every function works. So please report bugs. (And functions that aren't working)

- Updated for v140.1

- Cleaned up interface
- Rewrote code for some functions to hopefully speed them up for slower computers

- Fixed packet sending

- Applied a fix to stop some disconnections
- Rewrote some code for better performance (less lag for slower computers)
- Moved pet item vac to a checkbox because people don't know how to use it properly
- Fixed White List not working for Item Filter
- Fixed a small bug where loading profiles with Item Filters caused the filters to merge
- Slowed send packet a little bit to hopefully stabilize trainer more

- Added a new command for Deleting Characters (In case anyone needs it. Cough cough)

- Played around with packer settings a bit and from what I'm doing, I'm not getting crashes from it anymore at all (but idk)
- Fixed the injector a bit (for some people it was injecting a bit too fast and causing problems)
- Slowed dojo script down a bit so you don't dc when too many packets are being spammed
- Enhanced ardentmill script: You can now specify the start inventory slot so it doesn't extract your good equips (!ar extract STARTSLOT)

- Attempted to Fix Crash?
- Custom Delay For Gnd (To Help With Attacking Too Fast)
- Botting Tab (People Who Have No Programming Knowledge Can Now Tick Hacks...)
- Botting Tab Includes: Auto Attack, Auto Loot, Auto Pet Feed, Auto Potion, Auto Skill, Auto CC, Auto Login (Please Report if Any Don't Work or Are Bugged!)
- Saving Profile Also Saves Script (Also Including Auto Run On Start)

- Fixed Unlimited MP For GND

- Updated to v138.1.0
- Still Investigating Crash (It Happens Randomly So I Can't Quite Pinpoint Yet)

- Added Item Filter UI
- Added Profile Saving/Loading (Still Can't Save Scripts Into Profile Yet)
- Fixed SendKey('{ESC}') Not Working
- Fixed Mob Control
- Disabled Code Patcher To Reduce Lag (No More Perfect Godmode)
- Added Section In Settings To Change Auto Hunting Limits
- Added Injector To Help Solve Some Injection Issues: Now Simply Run Injector Then Maplestory To Start

- Initial Release


- Teleport function DC a lot after use

que incluye?:

General character statistics (HP/MP/EXP/Mesos/Channel/Level/Mobs/People/Drops/Inventory...Etc)
Packet Editor (Send/Recv/Spam/Replace/Block/Ignore)
Packet Return Address (Send/Recv [Experimental, more details in notes])
Map Rusher (Instant map rusher to accessible maps)
City Teleport (Most cities can be reached through the rusher)
Generic No Delay + No MP (Actually has no MP usage unlike the other trainers)
Godmode (Full godmode)
Mob Disarm (Prevent monsters from casting spells)
Full Map Attack (Full map attack for spells like chain lightning)
MMC (Stack mobs in one spot)
Auto Login (Automatically log into the game in less than 5 seconds)
Item Filter (Use the script function to command an item filter. Still working on UI)
Auto Bot (Easy to use botting functions like Auto Attack, Auto Potion, Auto Pet Feed, Auto CC)
Pet Item Vac (Lets your pet run around the map and loot items)

Information Spoofer (Prevent Nexon from logging your Mac Address and Hard Drive Serial Number)
Ardentmill Auto Extraction (Automatically extract all your equips. As an alchemist, simply move next to the book and type "!ar extract" to start extraction. If you are using another player's extractor, simply first double click their name to reveal their character stats then type "!ar extractc" to perform the same extraction)
Movement Helper (Makes moving on the map easier. Use "!movement teleport" for the SHIFT+ARROW teleport hack. Use "!movement fly" for the ARROW fly hack. Turn it off with "!movement off")
Mulung Dojo (Before entering, type "!dojo on" to activate. Once activated, when you kill the monster, you will automatically move to the next map regardless of where you are)

Comandos de chat:

!commands - Lista de comandos que se pueden utilizar
!m - Te teleporta hacia una ciudad. Ejemplo: !m elnath
!crash - Cierra Maplestory
!ar extract - Extrae tu inventario completo desde ardentmill
!ar extractc - Extract you inventory on the extractor belonging to the last person you double clicked on (and got their profile from)
!dojo on - Auto entra en el portal luego de matar el mob en el Dojo.

Link de descarga: Angel Processor 142.2.2::Fixed Map Rusher

Analisis Virus Total

Yo utilizo el hack y no me ha dado problema alguno de virus ni nada, pero lo pongo para los que quieran Cute 

Como abrir el link de descarga:
Esto es para los que no saben:
1-Pongan el puntero del mouse sobre el Link de descarga
2-Den clic derecho sobre el, y en el menu que sale den clic en abrir en una nueva pestaña
3-El link se abrira en una nueva pestaña, en la cual esperan 5 segundos y en la parte superior derecha, dan clic en saltar publicidad.
4-Son llevados a la pagina de descarga, ahi marcan la casilla "I know the risk and wish to download this file.", y luego dan clic en Download.

P.D.: Para que el Angel Processor no de mucho DC, les sugiero no utilizar el GodMode por mas de 2 minutos, y tampoco el Auto Attack porque si lo prolongas mucho se te cierra el juego y tendras que volver a abrirlo.

Para los que necesiten inyectores aqui dejo el link: Inyectores
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Edgar este es el mismo que publico el otro man?
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podrian decirme como es eso del FMA? sirbe para cualquier ataque? y no da AB? porque una vez utilize el FMA y me dio AB por 30dias :(
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que es FMA?
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ya lo estaba esperando con ansias
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gracias gracias gracias muchas gracias :3 Lol Lol Lol 
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muchas gracias.
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FMA = Full Map Att .. o algo asi creo :3
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te lo agradezco lo estaba buscando con urgencia.
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no tiene el analisis de virus y cuando lo inalise tiene bastante virus ese hack cuidado
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me para botando! creo que no funciona el hack!
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este hack no me funciona y creo q no soy el unico, se cierra solo y no da error ni sale aviso, alguien sabe como acer para q funcione
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el fma con el angelic buster te bota fijo:Sad ..alguna solucion?Sad 
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Buenas noches amigos yo lo probe anoche con las funciones basicas el generic no delay y el mob control y me anda muy tranquilo que otra cosa puedo hacer con el ?
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..bien man !! >>>>>>>>>>
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es igual de la publicacion de abaja.
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se es lo mismo xd
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Que puedo usar al matar un boss zakun hilla magnus que me recomiendas para que no me den Dc God mode? No delay graacias
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el FMA no funciana. en los tiempos de antes funcionaba con algunos skill. con los que no servia daba dc. de pronto probando con todos los skill hallen alguno que no les de dc pero actualmente no se si funciona. antes funcionaba con los mages.
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@xSlyut escribió:Edgar este es el mismo que publico el otro man?
si, pero este tiene datos
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@sebita123xxx escribió:podrian decirme como es eso del FMA? sirbe para cualquier ataque? y no da AB? porque una vez utilize el FMA y me dio AB por 30dias :(
Full Map Attack, este solo funciona para el chain laightning del battle mage, si no me equivoco
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@xSlyut escribió:que es FMA?
Full Map Attack, ataca en el mapa completo
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@lDOHKOl escribió:ya lo estaba esperando con ansias
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@powchow escribió:gracias gracias gracias muchas gracias :3 Lol Lol Lol 
de nada xd
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@rubenc17o escribió:muchas gracias.
de nada Grin 
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